Tatyana Kastalskaya

Senior Lecturer
Tel: 8 (727) 302 21 27


1973- Higher, Kirov Kazakh State University, Applied Mathematics Faculty

Professional Experience:

1973-1978 - Senior Engineer, Railroad admistration, Computer center
1978-1983g- Senior Engineer, Chief of Implementation Bureau
1983-1990 - "Chimbulak" resort, the manager on duty
1990-1993 - Cooperative "Yeti", Tourism Manager 
1997-1997 - Committee of Foreign economic and trade relations, the department of international tourism, a leading specialist
1997-2002 – Almaty State University, Department of Tourism, Senior lecturer
2000-2010 – Kazakh Transport Academy named after M Tynyshpayev, Senior Lecturer, tourism
2010-2011 - UIB,  "Marketing and Tourism" Department, Senior Lecturer
2011-2013 - Senior Lecturer, "Marketing and Management", IAB
2013 – 2015 - Senior Lecturer, "Marketing and Restaurant and Hotel Business” Department, IAB
2015 - at present - Senior Lecturer, "Logistics and RHB» Department, AlmaU

Scientific achievements and participation in scientific projects: 

Participation in international scientific conferences (8)
2009 - Participation in development of State standards of RK of the specialty "Tourism" for master students
Every year - Participation in development of curriculum of "Tourism” and “Restaurant and Hotel Business” specialties.


1. Scientific-practical conference "HR Management in Higher Education System: Experience and Prospects of Development", New Economic University, September 30, 2015, Almaty.
2. V-Central Asia Trade Forum, the conference "Independent transition to the new version of ISO 9001: 2015", October 29,. 2015, Almaty.

The publication of scientific articles in journals recommended by the Committee for Control of Education and Science of the Ministry of Education and Science of RK.
Development and publication of teaching aids (5).

1. Hotel and Restaurant Business
2. The hotel and restaurant industry
3. Fundamentals of Tourism
4. The restaurant business
5. Culture of restaurant and hotel service 
6. Infrastructure of restaurant and hotel business

No awards