Kuat Zhandossov

Associate Professor

Candidate of economic sciences

Tel: 8 (727) 302 22 22 (ext.134)

E-mail: k.zhandosov@almau.edu.kz


  • Kazakh State University, Faculty of Philosophy and Economics, Department of Political Economy, 1983

Field of research:

  • Formation of economic logistics as a scientific system

Professional experience:

  • Graduate student, Assistant at Department of Political Economy
  • Consultant at the Group of market economy and Consultant at Economic Policy Office of the President and the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Kazakhstan
  • Deputy Chairman of the National Agency for Foreign Investment
  • Deputy Chairman of the State Development Bank of Kazakhstan
  • Managing Director of Eximbank
  • Associate Professor at "Economics and Logistics" Department, ALMU
  • Associate Professor at "Logistics and Restaurant and Hotel Business" Department, ALMU

Internships and trainings: seminars and trainings, ALMU Winter and Summer schools, ALMU High school of pedagogical skills.

1. Аграрный сектор и вступление Казахстана в ВТО. - Справочник фермера . -  Алматы, МАБ, 2013

2. Темирбекова А.Б., Темирбек Е.Б.   Тастандиева Н.Б. Жандосов К.Ж.  Алдабергенов Н. Integration conditions agriculture in Kazakhstan: realities and points of growth. - Review of European Studies Vol 7, No 7 (2015). 173-186

1. Production logistics

2. Inventory management in logistics

3. Economics of hospitality enterprises

4. Service logistics

No awards